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May 2016

Reminder : One Year Left for Indonesia’s Forest Moratorium

Facebook told me that I might want to share my status from years ago. Apparently, mine from a year ago was my article published for [of which I served as contributing editor for a short time] on the extension of Indonesia’s Forest Moratorium.

source : wikipedia

From my not-so-good memory of the event, Joko Widodo’s administration, who was only being elected several months, took off with a blast by merging ministry of environment and forestry into one agency. And, everything plummeted into the abyss.

One concern was on the forest moratorium, which was the highlight of previous administration, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. It is not uncommon for ruling party to void all or most of previous policies. Well, just because…. It’s politics.

Forest moratorium or ‘Suspension New Licenses and Improving Forest Governance of Primary Forest and Peatland’,  — yes, that was a mouthful –, was already introduced in 2011 under Indonesia and Norway agreement, — the password is LoI –, which only applied for two years. It got extended to another two years, from 2013 to 2015.

Approaching its deadline, civil societies rallied ‘aggressively’ for President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo, to extend the moratorium through presidential instruction (Inpres). They were relentless, persistent, determine, — I am just writing down the words from –, to achieve their targets.

Their best strategy was got the President to come to Riau, where the worst of forest fires in the country, and recorded his political statement that peatlands must be protected. The year of 2015 was, unfortunately, the year of forest fires. One of the worst and longest for Indonesia.

On May 13th, 2015, President Jokowi signed on the Presidential Instruction Number 8/2015 on extending the forest moratorium. As its purpose was ‘to extend’, President Jokowi ‘obliged’ by just extending it to another two years leaving other instructions just the way it is.

Don’t bother to read the instruction. They were just copy pasted. Seriously.

So, one year left to evaluate what has been done by Indonesia for the past five years. What is lacking? What is successful? Will it be another repetition of ‘Mr. President, please extend the forest moratorium’? One year is a short time.

This is just a mild reminder that Indonesia does not really have much time….  (Fidelis E. Satriastanti).


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Happy News! Rare Sumatran Rhino Born in Indonesia

After recent death of Najaq, a female Sumatran rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis),  just before being rescued, a baby birth news certainly raises more hope on the existence of this extremely rare animal.

Ministry of Environment and Forestry announces that Ratu, a female Sumatran rhino, gave birth to a baby girl at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS), in Way Kambas National Park of Lampung, on Thursday (12/5), at 5.04 am.

Ratu was pictured breastfeeding her new calf. The female baby Sumatran rhino was born on Thursday (12/5) early morning. The unnamed calf is the second calf born at Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Lampung province. (Picture courtesy of Ministry of Environment and Forestry)

It is the second birth for Ratu (15 years old) with her mate, Andalas (15 years old) at the sanctuary. Their first calf, Andatu, was born in 2012 and marked the first success of breeding in captivity for Sumatran rhino after 124 years.

Sumatran rhino is listed as critically endangered species as its population has been declining drastically for the past decades. There is less than 100 individuals roaming around Sumatran forests and small part of Borneo island.

As a result, rhino experts and government treated Ratu’s pregnancy with great care and caution.

The labor process was attended by veterinary nurses and doctors led by Zulfi Arsan and Ni Made Ferawaty of SRS, team of doctors from Taronga Zoo of Australia, and White Oak Zoo of US, along with senior animal nurse of Cincinnati Zoo of US.

Learning from previous pregnancy, Ratu was given hormone supplements to strengthen her pregnancy. In addition, her types of food, variation, and volume were increased to meet her needs.

During her pregnancy, routine check ups with ultrasonography (USG) were done at least four times per month increased to four times per three days since April 2016.

Around 3 am, Ratu showed labor signs and finally gave birth to a female calf two hours later. The calf [still unnamed] had started to walk and breastfed after two hours of her birth. Ratu’s condition, stated by the ministry, was exhausted but generally doing well.

Getting a rhino to get pregnant is not an easy task. The animal is known for its recluse and solitary attitude making the mating process is challenging than ever. That, and also the fact that its numbers is closing to extinction. It’s like trying to set up two completely shy persons and hoping that they produce babies immediately. Yeah, right…!

However, you gotta hand it to conservationists with unlimited patience [and undeniably strong faith] to try it anyway. Well, of course, we do have to appreciate the efforts of Andalas and Ratu, who made it all happen. Let’s hope they’ll have more babies. And, eventually would give some hope to Sumatran rhino existence in the world. [Fidelis E. Satriastanti].


And everything should be connected

And everything should be connected

Emma Watson wore recycled bottles gown to Met Gala 2016

She is young. She is smart. She is an avid reader. She is an activist. She is a feminist. She is eco-feminist. She is Emma Watson.

The Beauty and Beast star (published in 2017) took her fame to ‘speak up’ about fashion and feminism at Met Gala 2016 where she wore a recycled gown to the event held annually by Metropolitan Museum Art.

The theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. 

The black and white dress, was made of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles of Newlife yarn. It was created by Watson, Calvin Klein, and Eco-Age, a company that helps businesses introduce sustainable solutions.


On her recent interview with CNN, Emma pointed out that fashion is a feminist issue considering most factories exploit female workers. I totally agree! Also, on the fact that plastic is the most destructive waste on the planet. See, you don’t have to look haggard for wearing ethical and environmentally friendly red carpet gown like Emma. Well, you don’t have to be Emma to start anyway. You just start with smart choice of fashion. [Fidelis E. Satriastanti]

Animal Nutritionist Steals Money from Tiger Food Ratio in Yogya

Corruption does not only apply to human. Apparently, animals get affected by the action. The news shocker came from Gembira Loka Zoo of Yogyakarta province when SG, an official of the zoo, brought to the police on allegedly corruption case, last week.

SG, suspect of Gembira Loka, tiger food embelzzment
SG, the man accused of embezzlement of tiger food ratio in Gembira Loka Zoo, Yogya, giving statement to Kotagede police investigator. (Photo by Edzan Raharjo/detikcom)

He is accused of stealing money for tiger’s food. The total money he stole reached to Rp 90 million (US$ 6,800).

The five tigers were supposed to receive at least 17 kg [per each] of meats [chicken, cow, and lamb] instead they were given just 5 kilos by SG.

Okay, I would be very annoyed if my food is less than three meals in a day. Downsizing meats for predators are not good sign. Me hungry, me buy food. Tigers hungry, where do you think they’ll find their food (?!).

Local media reported that tigers have become aggressive than usual, and also weak and thin. SG was supposed to feed 17 kg of lamb on Wednesdays but did not do it. He was also supposed to give 17 kg on Sundays but only gave them 5 kg. Talking about humanity….

After the case went public, damage control was taken by the Zoo administration. They immediately up size the ratio and gave tigers vitamins. It’s that or ….. [knock on wood!].

On a very disturbing fact, the media reported that SG was using the money allegedly to buy two motorcycles and one car [I would just like to say ‘FOR THE LOVE OF TIGER!]. And, he was basically cutting the ration for almost A YEAR!

Bare with me, the man who was hired in 2012, was actually responsible for animal nutrition since 2015. Every week , he collected Rp 3 million [US$ 227]. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COPY THIS METHOD!

A friend came to the Zoo but didn’t hear about the story yet. She just reported that there were cars parked in management office. She did tell me that the tigers looked ‘lazy’ and less enthusiastic. One tiger, she said, had dull hair not shiny as tigers should be.

Tiger in Gembira Loka Zoo of Yogya
One of the tigers in Gembira Loka Zoo after the embezzlement case by the staff emerged. (Photo by Edzan Raharjo/detikcom). 

When I told the news, she said WTF?! [well, she didn’t actually say that but her reaction similar to that].

The case is under investigation of Kotagede District Police, who is charging SG with embezzlement and fraud. He is liable for four years in prison. This is quite good news because I would have suspected that the man would ‘only’ be liable for animal welfare based on Biodiversity Law. But, the police decided that SG violates criminal charges! Kudos to the police.

It should be a good lesson learned because endangered animals, such as tigers, are protected by the state and the law. [Fidelis E. Satriastanti].

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