Corruption does not only apply to human. Apparently, animals get affected by the action. The news shocker came from Gembira Loka Zoo of Yogyakarta province when SG, an official of the zoo, brought to the police on allegedly corruption case, last week.

SG, suspect of Gembira Loka, tiger food embelzzment
SG, the man accused of embezzlement of tiger food ratio in Gembira Loka Zoo, Yogya, giving statement to Kotagede police investigator. (Photo by Edzan Raharjo/detikcom)

He is accused of stealing money for tiger’s food. The total money he stole reached to Rp 90 million (US$ 6,800).

The five tigers were supposed to receive at least 17 kg [per each] of meats [chicken, cow, and lamb] instead they were given just 5 kilos by SG.

Okay, I would be very annoyed if my food is less than three meals in a day. Downsizing meats for predators are not good sign. Me hungry, me buy food. Tigers hungry, where do you think they’ll find their food (?!).

Local media reported that tigers have become aggressive than usual, and also weak and thin. SG was supposed to feed 17 kg of lamb on Wednesdays but did not do it. He was also supposed to give 17 kg on Sundays but only gave them 5 kg. Talking about humanity….

After the case went public, damage control was taken by the Zoo administration. They immediately up size the ratio and gave tigers vitamins. It’s that or ….. [knock on wood!].

On a very disturbing fact, the media reported that SG was using the money allegedly to buy two motorcycles and one car [I would just like to say ‘FOR THE LOVE OF TIGER!]. And, he was basically cutting the ration for almost A YEAR!

Bare with me, the man who was hired in 2012, was actually responsible for animal nutrition since 2015. Every week , he collected Rp 3 million [US$ 227]. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COPY THIS METHOD!

A friend came to the Zoo but didn’t hear about the story yet. She just reported that there were cars parked in management office. She did tell me that the tigers looked ‘lazy’ and less enthusiastic. One tiger, she said, had dull hair not shiny as tigers should be.

Tiger in Gembira Loka Zoo of Yogya
One of the tigers in Gembira Loka Zoo after the embezzlement case by the staff emerged. (Photo by Edzan Raharjo/detikcom). 

When I told the news, she said WTF?! [well, she didn’t actually say that but her reaction similar to that].

The case is under investigation of Kotagede District Police, who is charging SG with embezzlement and fraud. He is liable for four years in prison. This is quite good news because I would have suspected that the man would ‘only’ be liable for animal welfare based on Biodiversity Law. But, the police decided that SG violates criminal charges! Kudos to the police.

It should be a good lesson learned because endangered animals, such as tigers, are protected by the state and the law. [Fidelis E. Satriastanti].

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