Facebook told me that I might want to share my status from years ago. Apparently, mine from a year ago was my article published for ekuatorial.com [of which I served as contributing editor for a short time] on the extension of Indonesia’s Forest Moratorium.

source : wikipedia

From my not-so-good memory of the event, Joko Widodo’s administration, who was only being elected several months, took off with a blast by merging ministry of environment and forestry into one agency. And, everything plummeted into the abyss.

One concern was on the forest moratorium, which was the highlight of previous administration, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. It is not uncommon for ruling party to void all or most of previous policies. Well, just because…. It’s politics.

Forest moratorium or ‘Suspension New Licenses and Improving Forest Governance of Primary Forest and Peatland’,  — yes, that was a mouthful –, was already introduced in 2011 under Indonesia and Norway agreement, — the password is LoI –, which only applied for two years. It got extended to another two years, from 2013 to 2015.

Approaching its deadline, civil societies rallied ‘aggressively’ for President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo, to extend the moratorium through presidential instruction (Inpres). They were relentless, persistent, determine, — I am just writing down the words from thesaurus.com –, to achieve their targets.

Their best strategy was got the President to come to Riau, where the worst of forest fires in the country, and recorded his political statement that peatlands must be protected. The year of 2015 was, unfortunately, the year of forest fires. One of the worst and longest for Indonesia.

On May 13th, 2015, President Jokowi signed on the Presidential Instruction Number 8/2015 on extending the forest moratorium. As its purpose was ‘to extend’, President Jokowi ‘obliged’ by just extending it to another two years leaving other instructions just the way it is.

Don’t bother to read the instruction. They were just copy pasted. Seriously.

So, one year left to evaluate what has been done by Indonesia for the past five years. What is lacking? What is successful? Will it be another repetition of ‘Mr. President, please extend the forest moratorium’? One year is a short time.

This is just a mild reminder that Indonesia does not really have much time….  (Fidelis E. Satriastanti).


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