Indonesia’s Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya is clearly not impressed to learn that a pulp and paper giant signed on cooperation, then distributed a press release, between the company and the ministry’s conservation agency behind her back.

Apparently, Minister Siti was taken aback over press release from the company, which namesake is the fourth month of the year, claiming that it will working together with the ministry for Zamrud National Park, the newly inaugurated conservation area.

The press release, distributed on July 21, in conjunction with World Environment Day in Siak District of Riau (also with the agenda of presenting Adipura and Kalpataru awards) was immediately denied by the minister, four days after.

Apart from failed-to-mention-to-boss and forgot-to-cc-the-boss-before-the-press-release, the ministry also disputed on the procedures of the agreement. Or, in its official release, stated that there were irregularities.

“We have already issued official cancellation of the agreement, today, Monday (July 25). The agreement is not consistent with certain legal aspects and contain irregularities,” said ministry’s secretary, Bambang Hendroyono, in a press release, adding that the ministry regretted the claim by the company and had denied any knowledge on the issue.

Another aspect, Hendroyono said that the ministry disagreed with the company’s landscape conservation concept which claimed that the protected forest and conservation areas as their conservation landscape. Or, put simply, the ministry is rage over the fact that the company had claimed conservation areas as part of its business interest.

Director General of Planology, San Afri Awang, has stressed that “the agreement violates all of good forestry governance principles and environmental spatial planning. The agreement was un-procedural and disregarded the laws.”

Now, how’s that for a quote.

A new chapter of this company versus government. I am all ears if there’s any un-procedural steps but let’s just how far they’d want to reveal it. Or, is it just another ‘kiss and make up’?! I’d love to see how this ends….