Hi, readers! Welcome to my less archive-y blog! It is my place to have fun, to write about the environment [couldn’t guarantee no doom-gloom though!]. It is my alter blog!

Anywho! You can almost find that I may be grammatically incorrect, substantially prejudice, and graphically misunderstood in this alter blog. That’s because I am experimenting with language [nah, it’s because my editors don’t actually edit my blog :D).

So, feel free to dive in between Blog and News sections. It would be great to hear your thoughts, too [constructive please, we need more love than hate nowadays].

I am just an eager writer with words in my head! Happy reading!

Oh, PS : do check my very very serious and comprehensive reports and articles at the other address : fidelisgreenblog.blogspot.co.id. It’s an awesome blog with my name published in great media outlets.


Yours truly,